Friday, April 28, 2017

Thoughts on Filmmaking (aka "How I stopped Worrying about Sleep and Learned to Love Exhaustion")

UFO: The Otis Files stars David C. Hayes as Otis. Produced by Muted Madness Films and Tyghtrope Media
Some of you may know that recently I dove into the wonderful (and all consuming) world of filmmaking. It has been an incredible yet exhausting process which I'm glad is coming to a close. I've spent the last month or two doing podcast to promote the film, driving out to Lansing, MI to edit with the film's director, Warren Jackson, and stressing out over the Kickstarter being funded.

I've learned a lot about filmmaking from working on this project and a lot about myself as a screenwriter. Having written the script, I thought I might have a hard time letting go of any control I had over what I wrote. Luckily, Warren Jackson is a brilliant director and all the cast members had an amazing understanding of their characters and comedic timing. All the cast and crew enhanced the bare-bones script I had written and fleshed it out to be a truly hilarious film.

During the editing process I discovered that almost anything is possible with Final Cut Pro software. There were so many effects we were able to do during editing that it inspired additional "Otis Vision" daydream sequences that we added to the film to give the audience insight into the mind of Otis.

Mostly, I'm just glad that so many talented people invested their time and skills in making this film as well as the Kickstarter Backers who invested their finances in order for us to have a red carpet film premiere May 6th in Howell, MI at the Howell Historic Theater. I'm overwhelmed that so many people including the cast, crew, and backers believed so much in this film. It wouldn't have happened without all of you.


Trico J. Lutkins

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