Thursday, April 20, 2017

Teaching in 4th Term.

Well, this is my first assignment teaching and I couldn't have picked a better course. That's right, for my first soiree as a professor I've been given the opportunity to teach Ancient Roman and Greek History. Could life be any better? Anyone that knows me knows I love Roman History so this course is a dream come true. I thought I'd have to teach dozens of survey courses before I was given this cool of a teaching assignment.

The best part is that it's primarily an online university so I have students from several countries in my class. I love seeing how different cultures interpret Ancient Rome and Greece. As products of Western Civilization, we tend to view these two cultures very differently than someone whose culture hasn't been directly influenced by them the way ours has.

The second week of class wrapped up yesterday and it's already proving to be an amazing experience. Also, I've been put on the list to teach this course and Art History next term. I'm looking forward to both.

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